Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

So I am going to list the ten things I did today.

1) Got up first, oy, with sinus headache and neck pain.

2) Drank 1 cup of tea

3) Got girls up, they like me do not like mornings, sort of.

4) Made Laura's lunch. She refuses to buy lunch, but at lease it is easy, one chicken patty, 3 chicken nuggets, gold fish and fruit snacks.

5) Make water bottles for both girls. Live in desert need water at all times.

6)Went back to bed. Set alarm for 9:00.

7) Woke up before alarm, good thing I set it for 9 pm.

8) Went to Starbucks (needed fortifacion) then to pick up Mary (mom in law) and took her to doctor. (minor tear in left tendon will heal in 4 weeks.) Try to convince her to drive and go out again on her own.

9) Went to lunch with Mary. Small perk we both eat a good meal.

10) Went to bank.

I have to end here for only 10 things. This was all before noon.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds about right. Good thing you woke up, I've done that before too, set it for pm. Now I'm always parnoid I'll miss the alarm!

    That's a busy before noon kind of day.